Wednesday, June 22, 2011

almost bought - zara

Almost bought but didn't...  may have to rectify that later.

A linen kimono, a fresh and airier alternative to a linen jacket or blazer for the summer.  I actually liked the natural beige color better in person, though in the photos the cantaloupe looks perfect.  The fact that we're steady in the upper 90s here, hitting 100 this weekend though, makes me think the days of putting on a jacket, albeit a breezy linen one, are long gone.  Still, I think it's a great piece.

This striped cotton/silk blend blouse.  Love the mix of the pink with the nude beige tone, and I love the way it's so much longer in the back.  Now this I could wear in this heat.


  1. Love them both! You know, apparently the Zara sale starts on Thursday... just saying. :) xx

  2. love the tshirt <3 come:)

  3. I remember melting in Madrid a couple of summers ago.

    I like the kimono style jackets. I don't think this one made it to Canada! There was a hot pink one that was similar but it was poly (yuck!).


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