Wednesday, June 8, 2011

j. crew wishlist

We all know J. Crew pretty much kills it every season with their lookbooks.  Even if there's nothing innovative about the layering (though there usually is), the styling is always impeccable.  Just look at this simple photo - her highlighted beachy tousled hair, her porcelain skin, her orange lips...  Of course I want the t-shirt; I want to be her!  Seriously, that's the effect these styled shots usually have on me.  The plain old catalogue shots however, not so much.  Regardless, here's some of my favorites at the moment.

more of my favorites after the jump...

*Yeah, I'm having a sweatshirt moment. I recognize that. The first step is admitting it.


  1. J.Crew and Madewell are so amazing! Great basics one can wear season after season. I've been praying they open in Canada so I don't have to drive across the border.

    And, yes: we all need cashmere moments.

  2. J. Crew does that to me, too...I find myself wanting everything! The styling knocks me out almost every time. Those smart marketers are making a big dent in my bank account!

  3. J.Crew is opening in Canada in a month! And I agree- I'm always impressed by how J.Crew styles their lookbooks by mixing basics and trendy clothes to put together fashionable looks!

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  4. JCrew shuts it down every season! I find myself longing for everything in the catalogue.



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