Thursday, June 16, 2011

thoughts of the aegean

The heat (up to 90 now! gone are the days of rain and trench coats!) must be filling me with all sorts of subconscious urges to be seaside.   Everything I buy lately seems to be in shades of Aegean, as if that would cool me down, or transport me magically to far away hidden vacation spots.

see what my purchases are after the jump...

This lovely pile of green and blue is actually my new zip-back T and my new maxi dress:

You'll not hear me say this often, but both items actually look much better on me than they do on the models.  Go figure!  The dress especially makes me feel like a Greek Turkish princess on the isles...  Sigh.


  1. That green zip-back tee is so amazing! You can combine them perfectly with shorts and your new allstars, haha! (:


  2. loving these gorgeous colors! great finds :D

    XO Sahra


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