Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bone toned

I have a new mission in life: find the perfect off-white oxfords.  They have to be substantial, have at least the teeniest bit of heel, and be some shade of pale (bone, taupe, rosy, nude, any of these will do).  And they have to be comfortable.   It's a tall order, I know, but lucky for me there's lots of options out there.  Here's my current list of contenders, with the high-end ones here, and the more affordable options after the jump.  First, the wingtips:

A few two-toned options:

 Gravati, DSquared2 at zappos

Something simpler:

and some options under $200 (and a few under$100) after the jump...

The Fryes may be my realistic favorite:

And then there's the good ol' traditional Bass oxfords:

This is just the beginning of the quest; I will not rest until my mission is accomplished.  So, fair warning - there may be more oxford posts coming soon...


  1. I love these. And adore the tones!

  2. hi, i just find your blog and i love it. i´d like your visit mine i´m new doing this!

  3. just found your blog. love this post on oxfords!

  4. Oh, I love all these different brogues! So classic and chic!


  5. Gotta go with the Fratelli Rosetti ones. Gotta do it!


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