Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mother jeans

I mentioned yesterday I'd bought a new pair of jeans, well here they are:

I found them at Bop, which any good Madisonian knows is the brick and mortar home of Shopbop.  It's not nearly as exciting as the online store, because obviously their stock is very reduced, but it is a great place to try on new jeans.  And as yet another new overpriced denim line on my radar, Mother has seduced me with these perfect-for-summer jeans.  They fit tight, are incredibly lightweight and very stretchy, but manage to be so without looking hoochy or slutty on my curvy body, in spite of the lighter faded wash.  Major accomplishment right there.  Add to that the fact that they are possibly the softest pair of jeans I've ever owned, and I happily shelled out the big bucks.

The bottom hem is unfinished and frayed, which is kind of cute, but when you roll it up a tiny bit, they become perfect.  Seriously.  Perfect.

images from revolve, also available at shopbop and nordstrom


  1. Man those DO like amazing jeans! I do have a price thresh-hold that hangs out at about $180ish for an awesome pair-- just don't know if I can make the "over $200" leap! Thanks for the temptation ;)

  2. They actually do look like the mom jeans of today. i consider a low rise straight leg to be pretty much the boring equivalent of the mom jeans of yesteryear. especially as jeans which hit the natural waist are pretty great. I am so tired of jeans that slide down until your back pockets are down by your calves that i can't even look at these.


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