Saturday, July 23, 2011

first things first

My first day home has been filled with lots of catch-up time with my mama, watching crappy tv curled up on the couch with the boyz, coffee from Starbucks, a naked burrito from Qdoba, and trips to Target and Walgreens.  Some of you may laugh, but really truly, these are the first things I want to do/eat/shop when I get here.

I found some great stuff at Target including a super supple t-shirt that feels ridiculously expensive and a fun printed cropped blouse that is unlike anything else in my closet.

drapey modal t-shirt (got mine in black) and cropped boxy floral top

a few more of the day's all-important purchases after the jump...


May not seem like a big deal to you, but none of this is available in Spain, as far as I know. So I get pretty happy when I can stock up on sugar-free peanut butter cups and aquaphor.


  1. I too love Target - so much good stuff there. And your boyz are so cute. Puppies are love.

  2. i have one of those t-shirts in EVERY color target has done. i adore them.

  3. I just saw that shirt at Target yesterday! They have some really solid selections


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