Thursday, July 7, 2011

mystifying magnum

Have you guys seen these Magnum ice cream ads directed by Karl Lagerfeld?   What the hell is going on here?  Is this for real?  Are these tongue-in-cheek?  After watching these I feel lost in an alternate reality, and can come up with no reasonable explanation for the existence of these strange commercials. 

there's two more surreal ads in the series...


  1. haha fun!! love the photographer :))

    xo love

  2. yesterday, freddy krueger came to my house and chopped off my arm. but i had a magnum and the blood stopped spurting. and freddy smiled and left.

  3. Great post, nice videos

    xoxo Robine @

  4. I really like this video !

    Jordan W. @

  5. Ha. That's...strange. I would imagine it's done in jest but I can't help but feel Rachel B's acting skills leave a little to be desired in creating a real tongue-in-cheek video. The magnums still look yummy though ;)

  6. Of course every model/balerina eat a magnum after a photo shoot/ballet! And never get fat! magic

  7. I'm totally with you on this...what the hell?! It makes NO sense!

  8. the photographer is baptiste gabicioni, isn't he?
    he ist karls newest muse.
    well I don't care about sense. the most other commercials make no sense as well. ;)
    but in that there are at least beautiful actors. ;)


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