Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of the stores I'm most excited about hitting while I'm in nyc is AllSaints Spitalfields.  Last winter when I was here I fell in love with a leather jacket there and am still kicking myself for not getting it.  I do have one of their pirate cardigans and I absolutely love it.  You can tie it a zillion different ways or just leave it open and drapey.  I bought mine five years ago and wore it religiously until it shrunk (Fine.  I shrank it.  Machine washed it warm.  Don't do that.)  but I still wear it all the time in its mini shrunken version for classes and rehearsals.  Maybe I could pick one up that's actually my size.  And hand wash it this time.

more lovely allsaints picks after the jump...


  1. Wow. Beautiful shapes with just enough edge. I'm kicking myself for not stopping by when I was in NYC myself last weekend!

  2. I absolutely love that store and I'm glad that they have a bunch of them spread over north london area:)
    great picks!

    An Interesting Distraction

  3. I love that first jacket. Great taste :-). I haven't read your blog for very long, but so far I think it's great.


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