Monday, August 22, 2011

memory ring fail

Today I went to Catbird, another store I have spent hours at online and found just up the street from me.  It's kind of like magic when that happens, like a sign from above.  Like a higher power saying "Shop, my child, I shall make it easy."  And it was perfect because I've been lusting over these first knuckle rings for so long.

Just a simple delicate band of rose gold that is made to sit up high on your finger, between the first and second knuckle.  Called memory rings, they were traditionally made to be worn on your pinky, and then switched to the first knuckle of another finger as a reminder for something, the jewelry equivalent of tying a string around your finger.  Love the ring, love the idea.  But how to know what size?  Lucky for me I live just blocks away from the store!

Unlucky for me, these rings are not made for tapered fingers, which I discovered today is what I have.  These rings need a bony knuckle and a slim finger, so they barely slip over the knuckle which then holds them in place.  I pass this knowledge along to you in case anyone else out there is getting their hopes up only to have them dashed by tapered fingers.

A few other Catbird temptations that will work regardless of your finger shape after the jump....


Say what?