Saturday, August 20, 2011

red hots

Yesterday my dangerous shopping pal and I went shopping again.  She's the best shopping partner (aside from my mom, who will always be my number 1) because we agree on the basic values and aesthetics while simultaneously recognizing and respecting our stylistic differences.  Also she has a shopping budget that exceeds my wildest dreams, so I get to shop vicariously through her.  Yesterday I watched as she ripped through Bergdorf's, Barneys, and Alice and Olivia; it was pretty exciting.  And while sometimes I wish I could drop thousands the way she does, yesterday I wanted only one thing:

These J Brand corduroys are not just red, they are blindingly red.  But the softness of the fabric makes it deep and luscious, almost as if they were velvet.  If these make their way into my closet they would be my fourth pair of J Brand cords; they fit and feel incredible and last forever (though that warning label when you buy them is no joke, if you pull them up from the belt loops the waistband will rip).  What I don't know is if it makes sense to buy something so skinny and so bright, for some reason that combination seems risky to me.  But then, I think risk is what I'm attracted to lately in fashion.  At least personal risk, pushing the boundaries of our own sartorial safety zone. 


  1. These are gorgeous! They totally don't even look like cords.. makes sense that they are super fine and soft. Yummm. Really gorgeous! xx

  2. These are absolutely on my list. I love how bright they are! I've been looking for a bright pair of red jeans or pants for awhile now!


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