Thursday, August 25, 2011

mat collishaw

The current exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design is called "Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities" and it truly lives up to its name.  I was wowed by the majority of what I saw, often times literally laughing out loud or dropping my jaw open in surprise.  I went by myself, so I certainly wasn't expecting to react in an outwardly visible way, it was just that good.  It's there through September 18, and if you are in the area I highly recommend it.  The catalogue is also available on amazon, but unless you've seen the exhibit in person I don't think it would do it justice.

One of the pieces that blew me away was a 3D zoetrope by Matt Collishaw.  I had no idea what to expect and felt like a little kid discovering magic when it started up.

see another of his zoetropes after the jump...

Magic Lantern on a small scale:

You can see the full-scale version here (10 meters!  In the cupola of the V&A!) along with the fascinating production process.


  1. Dude this is awesome. I see what you mean about seeing it in person. Wish I was in the area. Bummer

  2. Haha I love your description of it. And really like this, she is so unreal


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