Monday, August 29, 2011

meet bruce

It is taking all my willpower today to not post yet again about boots.  I am obsessing and agonizing over some serious boot-purchasing decisions, but I promised this blog would not become Boot Central, and I'm sticking to it.  If I'm still debating tomorrow you may see another boot, but for today, welcome to Obsession #2 for me: hoodies.  You're thinking, how can you be obsessed with hoodies?  Isn't it just a sweatshirt with a hood?  What's the big deal?  Well, no matter how, ahem, mature I get, I still think it's the perfect layering piece under jackets and blazers of all kinds.   And then every once in a while you stumble across one that's really really special.  Meet Bruce.

Bruce from the back is a normal hoody, but in the front he is made up of cascading waves of knit cotton and a zipper that, if you were a turtle, would come in handy indeed.  You can wear the extra fabric over your shoulders as a shawl collar, or over your head as a hood, but it's not a normal hood, it drapes more like a nomad's scarf.  I don't think words can describe it, and I hate the way AllSaints photographs their pieces without models, so in order for you to get a better idea, after the jump you'll find a few photos of Bruce in action...

Thanks Elisabeth for showing off the joys of Bruce!


  1. Ok, this is one seriously cool hoodie! Gotta get my hands on it!

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