Monday, August 8, 2011

old school

This morning we went to Brooklyn Flea.  Such a relaxing flea market experience, especially compared to the rastro in Madrid!  One of the vendors that intrigued me most were the guys from Kasbah Moderne selling fully functional refurbished antique typewriters.  The woman who was helping us out said that in selecting a typewriter you'd want to think what your needs were - if it's to write your novel you'd want a different model than if you were just using it to write occasional letters.  Would someone really write a novel on a typewriter in this day and age?  The thought boggled my mind.  The only time I ever used one was to fill out college applications back in the day, and I'm sure they have computerized that system by now.  But, as impractical as they are, I have to admit I love the idea of having one around, especially one so beautiful as these, perhaps with a sheet of paper always in place so husband and I can leave notes for each other.  Do you have a typewriter?  Does it just seem archaic and useless?  Or could you be pulled in by the old time romance of it?

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