Sunday, August 7, 2011

savage beauty

Day 2 in new york was reserved for priority number 1: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty at the Met.  I got up at 7, we were out the door by 8, and by 9:15 we were in line behind about 250 people, but in front of another 200 or so.  Doors opened at 9:30, and by noon we were stepping into McQueendom.  Yes, we spent about 2 1/2 hrs in line, and then through the actual exhibit itself we moved through the rooms packed shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of others, almost carried by the current.  Was it worth it?  YES.  If you're in nyc, tomorrow's the last day, so RUN and see this. 

The pieces, almost every single one of them, were enough to blow my mind.  But the installation too was absolutely gorgeous, a series of rooms each with its own macabre personality, some mirrored all around (so you could see every garment from every imaginable angle) and some like old palaces with torches on the wall.  Even the music they had accompanying each space was perfect. 

What really moved me though was the sense of scope you got of this man's genius, the sheer expanse of his artistry.  He was not just a brilliant designer, who thought outside the box as far as his clothes were concerned, he was an artist who worked with different mediums and wasn't hindered by the limits of traditional fashion.  There was no fear in his work, but rather a belief in his own vision, no matter how out there, that was truly inspiring.  He created films and holograms and whole universes in his collections, and that intensity of creative drive was so exciting to see.  Even husband was impressed and inspired.   We left feeling inspired, moved, uplifted, motivated, and saddened by the loss of such a great artist.

Of course we bought the book.  And the calendar.  And some magnets.  Ok, ok, and a postcard or two.


  1. I know what you mean about the line! I just came back from New York and that exhibition was worth every moment of waiting. And I went nuts in the gift shop as well haha. My absolute favourite was the chess collection.

    Just in case you plan on going to the Guggenheim museum, I say skip it because the current exhibition is very very boring unless you are interested in the modern art and the artist. Otherwise it is not worth the admission price. Go to the met again which is by donation so you can actually just pay $1 and get through the door!
    Also, at around 66th and 5th is a cart stand called Rouge Tomate which makes a delicious lemonade that really helps combat the heat. Their sandwiches are also delicious.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time in New York! Wish I was still there

    1. I'm really glad I found this comment on the blog. It helped add a new dimension to the story I've been researching for some time. Thanks!

  2. Poor elisa Lam. I hope you are resting in peace now. You were so happy at NYC. Later in 2013 you would vanish from the world forever at the Cecil Hotel. May God hold you in his arms. You are not alone anymore. Rest, girl. You forever will be remembered by us.


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