Monday, August 1, 2011

oxford mania continues

I warned you there might be more...

These guys don't come in the nude I was originally searching for, but sometimes when shopping with a mission you run into things that you didn't know you wanted.  Until you ran into them.  And then you're stuck obsessing.  About yet another thing...

Take these woven oxfords for example; I never even knew such a thing existed, let alone that I had to have them.  And now I know both these facts to be true.  More superfluous but super tempting oxfords after the jump...

vintage shoe company at zappos, timberland at gravity pope


  1. That's the funny thing about life itself. Sometimes you focus on finding one thing, and along the way, you can run into something that might change your mind.
    Love the one with the mixture of grey, black and white.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Oh fun. I like the color on the top ones.

  3. These are fantastic! My best finds for oxfords/brogues have been in thrift stores in the male shoe section. You just have to search to find the small sizes!

    x Lovely blog.



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