Wednesday, September 7, 2011

maggie i think i've got something to say to you

I ordered these Frye Maggies and am currently wearing them around the house.  Do I keep them?  Do I not?  I am indecision personified.  So I'm taking a poll.

If you've been following me at all the past month or so you know I've been obsessed with finding a nude oxford (see here).  These happen to be the most perfect shade ever, (yeah, I'm that pale), like the slightly peachy crayola crayon of me.  I also love that it has a higher heel than most oxfords; this boot heel is the most comfortable and flattering, in my opinion.  As far as I can tell from walking around in circles in my living room, these shoes are very comfortable.  My mama, however, thinks the upturned toe is hideous, and the proportions are all off.  She is my best shopping partner and I get confused when we don't agree.  I'm not seeing clearly anymore, so I ask you, dear readers, what do you think?  Cool bootie nude oxfords with a twist or badly made ugly disproportionate grandma shoes?


  1. They're kind of cute. But don't really stir up any emotions either way.

  2. I don't mind the upturned toe. Unless the feet are really large (like mine); then they can get a bot clowny.


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