Monday, October 3, 2011

the road not taken

Ever think of just totally changing direction?  Spitting in the face of all that you have done and all that is expected of you?  Like an alpaca would?  One of my secret dream jobs (that I know nothing about and might actually not love if I knew what were really involved, but which in my ignorance seems perfect) is to run an alpaca farm.  A little cottage industry where we raise alpaca, sheer them, spin our own high quality wool and even design and produce a knitwear line.  But mostly, we get to hang out with these guys.

images from pixadus and chimney hill

They just crack me up.  I am resisting putting hundreds of alpaca images here, but after the jump see two videos that I absolutely could not resist sharing with you...


  1. OMG. Alpaca hugs!!!! The best...they look so cozy!

  2. I love alpacas! So cute and oh so soft :)

  3. They are so fluffy! I just want to cuddle them.. do they spit, too.. or is that just llamas? I love the surfing vid!

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