Tuesday, November 1, 2011

back to basics

A few weeks ago I found myself desperately craving a new everyday silhouette.  No skinny, no pencil, no flare, no wide-leg, just a nice slim basic straight jean.  Now, I don't usually shy away from premium denim; as a woman with fairly substantial curves I find that the higher priced jeans just tend to fit me better.  Maybe it's that there's more selection and variety in terms of fits and cuts, or maybe I'm a bit of a denim snob.  I'm a huge fan of J. Brand and my recently discovered Mother jeans pretty much never left my body throughout august and september.  And yet I recently found myself sorting through the stacks of jeans at Gap.  How did I get there?  I don't know, muscle memory from high school days maybe?  Result?  Jackpot.

Yeah, they gape a tiny bit at the waist, but it's nothing that a good belt (or tailor) can't fix.  And I'm so relieved to be in comfy jeans that are a bit more relaxed than my skinnies that I'm beyond thrilled with my new purchases.   I bought them in two different washes; at this price, who could resist?  I liked the straight cut so much I also picked up these pants in black:

They've got them styled as your typical work/office pants, but I tell you, these babies are multi-taskers.  Tailored but still with quite a bit of stretch to them, I've been wearing them with everything from sneakers to motorcycle boots.  Glad I gave Gap another chance.  Maybe it's true, the 90's really are coming back.


  1. I am loving the black pants, they really look perfect for every occasion!

  2. I've been trying to find other fit jeans as of lately too. I really like how the straight cut look maybe I can do this before fully trying to move away from skinnies.


  3. AAAH! I had no idea you had a blog, and now I have all this catching up to do.

    But first, I must jump on this train and reveal that I went to GAP this weekend and got myself three pairs of the skinny jeans. Comfy and cheap (40% off). I'm kind of amazed that Gap finally got it together to make fashion-friendly pants after a long hiatus...although I'll say that nothing else in the store tempted me. The Always Skinny isn't even gapping at the waist... wha?


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