Sunday, November 20, 2011

mohawk general store

Spent my sunday morning browsing at the Mohawk General Store.  That's the beauty of the modern age, you don't have to actually leave your house to waste away your hours, you can do it from the comfort of your home, still in your pjs and fuzzy robe.

This over-sized wool blend motorcycle jacket by funktional was the first thing that got me.  It's all the toughness we want in a moto jacket, plus a ton of soft and cozy and a dash of extra large masculine.  Perfect for winter.  And such a good price too!  Seriously contemplating this one.

And while we're talking cozy, how about this snuggly Raquel Allegra dress?  Seems like it'd be the perfect winter layering piece.

See tons more covetable pieces, including bags and shoes, (excluding a few standouts that merit their very own post tomorrow) after the jump...

Stay tuned for the rest tomorrow...


  1. Love the oversized biker jacket! And it had just the right colour!


  2. i love the allegra dress! just wish she had a bra on! ;) lol!

    sharde @ the style projects

  3. thanks so much for your comment! i love your blog, so i'll hope you'll come back and visit mine again soon!

  4. Beautiful things! Have a great week! <3<3

  5. Ooooh gorgeous finds! Especially love the first two!


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