Monday, November 28, 2011

ssense ssale

Yes, I'm still shopping online.  Hey, it's cyber monday, isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?  (By the way, when did they invent that one?  This is the first year I hear of it; am I just totally behind the times?)  Today we hit the sale rack at ssense, one of my all time favorite online stores.

Is this thing perfect or what?  And that zipper detail in the back, just killing me.  Those Smythe ladies sure know what they're doing.

Or how about this reversible leather & fur jacket from Preen?  You can be a hot tough biker chick one day and a rock n' roll yeti the next, whatever your heart desires.  I don't think I'd ever wear it the apeman way, but the other way?  That is a gorgeous item.

See more ssense finds after the jump...


  1. LOVING that last jacket!

  2. rock'n roll yeti, that's very funny.

  3. Oh my gosh YES please! So lovely!

  4. Ooooo... there are way too many beautiful things! I hadn't heard of Cyber Monday either! My mom was like, "so are you going to do some shopping for Cyber Monday??" and I felt seriously out of the loop... how did I not know about it??

    Anyway, love your choices! The detail on the back of that top jacket is so good! xx

  5. I really like the structure of the first jacket!!!

  6. I love the zipper detail. And also for me, cyber monday is an expression I first heard this year..


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