Monday, December 5, 2011

for my knuckles

Abstract art?

Knuckle ringSee where I found it along with a few other treasures after the jump...

Topshop has some amazing finds in their jewelry section.  You have to really sort through an endless array of plastic crap, but it's worth it I think.  Here are my picks from the ring section, the absolute winner being the aforementioned open pyramid ring.  Only caveat: these will turn your finger green.  Anyone know if clear nail polish will really take care of that?


  1. very cool! i like the multi-band a lot too.

  2. Like it !

  3. knuckle ring is amazing!
    xo, Betül

  4. it's a treasure indeed! love it.

  5. I like the claw!! I have seen those in TopShop.. a new trip is in order - not sure whether clear varnish would work but it sounds sensible...


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