Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have two pairs of sneakers right now.  My munich and my chuckies.  I love them both so very much.

But recently I've been thinking maybe it's time for a new pair.  A different shape maybe, a different air.

Some options after the jump...

These retro styles from new balance:

Or a sleeker more modern option:

Then there's the classic adidas route:

Including this great adidas collaboration with oysho:

Or if price wasn't a factor at all, there's the Alexander Wang version of the New Balance:

Do you wear sneakers?  Many pairs?  Which ones would you go for?  I'm leaning towards the first new balance pair, or the adidas for oysho pair...


  1. The classic Adidas look cool. Very P90x. :)

  2. I blogged about the Alexander Wang a couple days ago :D definitely my favorite!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Ah Alexander Wang. Those are radical...but I like those sleek Nike options too. xo


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