Saturday, December 10, 2011

pull & bear

Yet another branch of the behemoth Inditex, Pull & Bear is one of my favorites, mostly because the name is ridiculous.  What is it supposed to mean?  Don't they check with native speakers before naming huge corporate entities?  Aside from the fabulous name, they also, from time to time (as is the case with most of these chains) have some amazing stuff.  I stopped in today (yes, on my way home, as usual) and found so many things I liked that I'm going to have to go back this week and sort through it all.  For now, here's what caught my eye:

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  1. Waaah, the coat in that third photo is beyond perfect. I love it. This brand looks wonderful! xx

  2. Gorgeous blog! Following now :)

    xoxo, H

  3. I adore the coat is the first photo - very elegant, simple and it looks quite modern and vintage at the same time, so versatile <3

  4. You're right...from time to time they have interesting stuff!


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