Saturday, March 26, 2011

comptoir des really nice jackets

That's what I think they should really call themselves.  Comptoir des Cotonniers does a lot of stuff really well, but I think what they excel at is outerwear.  It's always elegant and classic and understated, but it just sneaks up on me and quietly rocks my world every season.  I will admit that I have two trench coats from them.  Yes, two.  But I swear, they have very different personalities.  As if I need to justify it.  Really though, one day I'll post photos so you can see.

Meanwhile, they're killing me with their spring blazers. 

Today I stopped in and touched them. They're impeccable.  And that grey and black one is especially stunning in person.  The body is a lightweight almost drapey wool with a slight sheen to it, and the black accents are done with a heavier wool that anchors it beautifully.  Maybe this week I'll actually slip them on.  I just worry that the temptation might be too much for me.

While I'm at it I should check out that hat too.  Just saying.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

advanced style video

This video is so sweet, so inspiring, so uplifting, so soul-warming, and so just plain happy-making.  I love these ladies and they have truly inspired me.  I know, I'm repeating myself, but I was really blown away.

The video (which I found via ManRepeller ) was made by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen for The Nowness. Cohen also has a wonderful blog called Advanced Style, which is also a new discovery for me though maybe some of you are familiar with it.  Check it out if you haven't already.

Let's be more like these ladies, shall we?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love letter to a sweater

Hello perfect sweater.  You cost too much but I think I love you.

You look like a sweatshirt.  (I love sweatshirts.)  But you are made of a thick cashmere and cotton blend.  (I love that.)  You may look plain in that photo, but look at what you did on the runway.

photos from

So smart the way you dress down that skirt and those sequin pants, while allowing them to dress you up a little.  You remind me of that sweater Taylor Tomasi Hill has worn so often, but without that strange cow detail.  Nothing against cows, I'm a good Wisconsin girl, I just don't really want a cartoon one on my perfect cashmere sweater.

You are understated and casual in your slouchiness, but still so luxurious.  I could dress you up or just lounge around wrapped in your cozy hug.  I think it's a good thing we haven't met in person yet because if you feel as good as I think you do, I would be a goner.  Like I said, you cost too much, but I think I love you anyway.

Monday, March 21, 2011

boot evolution

These Rag & Bone boots are so lovely. Just the right blend of elegant yet tough, streamlined yet substantial. The color, the texture, the seaming, the heel, I just think they're perfect.

Interestingly enough, this version, from a previous season, seems so far from perfect to me.  And I find it fascinating how just changing a few details can have such an impact on the overall effect.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

anthropologie spring shoes

pretty.  'nuff said.

 And the ones I really want (but are too high and would never get worn):