Friday, February 10, 2012

liberated leopard

I bought this leopard print button down last august, but honestly could never get much wear out of it.  It always came off like some awkward middle child between sex kitten secretary and old lady secretary.  And yes, I did the math, it's taken me over five months to figure out how to wear a shirt.  But now I'm hooked.  Thank god for simple black t-shirts!  I love how the combination makes it feel so easy; it takes away any possible stuffiness or overt self-awareness that the shirt has on its own, and leaves me with a new carefree, lighthearted fun layering piece.

Notice anything else that might have helped change the mood of my shirt?

Yup!  I finally did it!  And honestly, I don't miss my hair one single bit.  I feel young, adventurous, liberated, and unburdened.  Which is odd, because I loved my long hair and never thought it weighed me down at all.  So to any of you out there thinking of taking the plunge, I say go for it.  And as a side bonus, all your clothes and accessories will feel brand new!


  1. funny: "awkward middle child between sex kitten secretary and old lady secretary"

    you're so right about wearing the shirt this way.

    and the hair is stunning!

  2. I adore the leopard print shirt and your hair is lovely <3

  3. Like your blouse!

  4. Your hair does look pretty fab - I'm looking on your blog for short hair inspirations now


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