Friday, February 24, 2012

puppet master

Well now I really do have my hands in everything.  My latest endeavor?  Puppet making.  Wait, you may be asking yourself, does she know anything about puppet making?  No.  That's right, say it loud, say it proud, I have no idea what I'm doing.  But that's part of the adventure.  I'm sure he's going to change quite a bit over the next three weeks, but after only a few days he's really starting to turn into someone I want to hug.  Which is a good sign.   Meet the beginnings of Max:

I've been on the project two days and the house is already filled with white fluff and colorful splashes of dye (a purposefully turquoise kitchen sink might actually be my next home improvement project; accidental turquoise sink? not so fabulous).   But I am having a blast.

Max still has almost a month before his film debut, so I'm not too worried, but if any of you readers out there are secretly puppet masters and have any tips on creating loveable beasties, please let me know.  Meanwhile I'll just keep forging ahead, which for now means dying everything I come into contact with. 


  1. he IS cute! i don't know why, but my brain is processing the black thingy on the left of the picture as his nose, and the one on the right as his left eye, which means he lost his right eye doing something stupendously heroic like saving you from wild killer squirrels.

  2. Awww!...Cute!!!
    Have the best weekend!

  3. Adorable. Can't wait to see what he looks like a week from now :)

  4. OMG so cute !!!

  5. I don't know if you've seen or heard of this, but your voyage into puppetry means you're in good company. You should watch "Being Elmo: a Puppeteer's Journey"; I really loved this film. Plus, it's on Netflix! =]

    Here's the website:


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