Wednesday, February 22, 2012

grand bazaar, grand ring

The Gaia Repossi rings for Zadig & Voltaire are pretty cool.  But can I say that I think the ring I picked up last year at the covered bazaar in Istanbul is even better?  And it was most certainly less than the $320 they're charging for this one. 

I realize this is basically a gloating post, because I can hardly guarantee you'd be able to find this ring even if you made the trip to Istanbul tomorrow.  But you'd probably find some other wonderful gem.  And I guess what I'm saying is, shop online, yes, shop at net-a-porter, of course, but also hunt for treasures in unexpected, personal, out of the way places; both the booty and the process of finding it are often infinitely more rewarding.

more photos after the jump (can't resist playing with my new camera)...


  1. Love, love, love.. And we are thinking of going to Istanbul for a weekend over Easter - you just reminded me that I love the place.

  2. Hey swwetie!
    I discovered your blog while peeking at others and I am totally hooked by it - beautiful, well organised, interesting...qualities I certainly associate to your character! I would like to invite yhou to visit my blog as well and maybe you'll follow if it pleases you. I'm already following yours!

    wish you the best

  3. Ah great photos on your camera! Love it! And thanks for your incredibly sweet comment on our blog today! xo


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