Sunday, April 8, 2012

sleep silk

I am always on the lookout for a beautiful set of men's cut silk pajamas for women.  Why is it so hard to find?  And while normally I wouldn't even look twice at a set that costs over $400, this one caught my eye because a) it's from Equipment, masters of the silk shirt*, and b) it looks just about perfect to me.

Of course I'm not seriously considering it.  But wouldn't it just be the ultimate in luxury?  With a diptyque candle and freshly cut flowers on your artfully aged bedside table, a mongolian sheepskin rug at your feet... Yeah, these are the things I daydream about.

*while I've been in love with the idea of an Equipment shirt for years, I tried to fall in love with one this past winter, and just couldn't.  So sheer!  Not what I was looking for at all.  Anyone else have that issue?

After the jump, some silk pajamas that are slightly more reasonable...

These are from Neimen Marcus, their own line.  Obviously not as luxurious as the Equipment pjs, but I have them in cream and they are really truly wonderful.  They do them every year in different colors, so I bookmarked them and check back every fall.

I'm  a Wisconsin girl, so naturally I'm a fan of Wintersilks.  I haven't seen these in person, but though the cut is not as masculine as I would prefer, I'm willing to bet the feel and the quality of the silk is pretty great.

In a pinch I'd give these Nordstrom pjs a try too.   Because really, as far as I can tell, that's it for traditional men's cut silk pajamas for women.  If you want synthetic satin, bows, or girlie collars, there's plenty more to choose from.  But otherwise, this is my exhaustive guide.  Of course, if you have any more suggestions I'd be happy to hear them!


  1. Those are the perfect pyjamas! So beautiful. I am never ever going to be able to afford them but they're so pretty...

  2. That pyjamas looks lovely!

  3. Good find. These are so perfect, as is the scene you describe - so with you on that - imagine if those things were affordable...aaaahhh. ha!


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