Wednesday, May 9, 2012

forte forte

I'm a little bit in love with this blazer.

It's so simple, just a well-cut jacket in a slightly rumpled gorgeous rust colored cotton with a delicate barely-there sheen to it.  It's slouchier than any tailored piece in my closet, but much more tailored than any slouchy piece I own, striking an impossible balance, and shocking me as I realize that I have a deep need for exactly such an item.  How did I not even know this until now?  Sadly, I tried it on in a far away land in a size 2, and only can only find it in a 0 and a 1.  I don't honestly even know what those numbers mean, but I think they mean that, for now at least, it is not meant to be mine.


  1. gorgeous colour, beautiful cut. sigh.

  2. Meee too. Love that rust color!

  3. oh I love this too. Can rust replace navy as a basic??


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