Monday, August 13, 2012

i pity the fool

Today I picked up a little something that I'm in love with.  No, not this gentleman.  Just the shirt off his back.  Laugh all you want, I'm dead serious.  I came from hot Wisconsin summer days, so humid and pollen-filled that running was out of the question, and arrived in the sunset district of San Francisco, which might as well be Mordor.  It is foggy and wintery and cold, all the time.  Perfect for a jog really, but not in a tank top.  So we headed over to a nearby Sports Authority and found a women's department filled with teeny tiny skimpy tops and shorts.  Last thing I need is another excuse to not exercise, so I was determined to find something appropriate.  I headed to the men's section and found this.  I look way cuter than this guy, I swear.  And after running in it, I can honestly say that it is perfect.  I bough it a little large so I don't get all the "compression" effects that you're supposed to (I think maybe he's upset that he's being squeezed too tight?), but it was wonderfully breathable and dried in 5 seconds flat, kept me warm but didn't make me hot.  So, even though this guy is frowning at me like he wants to beat me to a pulp, I'm going to buy more.

Do ever shop men's?  In sporting goods stores?


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