Monday, October 22, 2012

ikea day

We spent a day at Ikea last week (including the trip there and back it was about 6 hours, so yeah, basically an entire day) and picked up some really lovely things.  God, I just love it there.  Now you may be asking yourself why I would buy things for the home when we're leaving in a year (ok, only two of you out there know that, but there you go, now you all do), but we only picked up a few essentials that are going to vastly improve our quality of life over the year to come.  That's how I justified it at least. 

These are the little things that bring happiness...
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1. Senior cast iron casserole with lid- ok, we didn't actually buy this, but we wanted to.  In fact, I think we may go back for it soon.  Just think of all the stews and roast chickens we could do!
2. Rens sheepskin rug - I have been wanting one of these for years and I finally allowed myself the luxury.  One tip: not all rugs are created equal so take the time to go through a stack of them and choose the nicest, lushest one you can find.
3. Fantastik paper napkins - beautiful color for extra joy at mealtimes.
4. Bonett mirror - an extra thin mirror that will perfectly fit into a narrow space in our bedroom.
5. Ribba frame - for a portrait Husband painted of me a year ago, so glad we finally got it framed and up on the wall!
6. Indira cotton bedspread - a simple way to change your sofa cover, much easier and more affordable than those (fairly ugly) shaped covers they carry.
7. Ribba picture ledge  - these long and narrow shelves are the perfect way to showcase flat art, but we've also discovered that if you flip them upside down you get a little more surface area, just big enough to support the little odds and ends that were, until now, scattered here and there on bookcases and tabletops.  Yeah, I mean clutter.  But the dear-to-your-heart kind you can't get rid of.
8. Tindra scented candles - the best!  Great smelling, clean burning, long lasting, and for less than $2 each, who could argue with that?
9. Bräda laptop support - for comfortable couch surfing.

Do you love Ikea?  Do you get caught up in the labyrinth for hours?


  1. me encanta IKEA!


  2. Hi, I just hopped over from Lapin de Lune's Blog and found yours which I really like. Just happily reading through your past posts now. I love your Forte Forte hat from a couple of posts back - it really suits.

    And I love Ikea - I have numbers 2, 5 and 7 already. I don't think it would matter what you pick - somebody is bound to also have it because the designs are just so good. And the meatballs are always a bonus :o)

    1. Hi! Thanks for hopping over, I love Lapin de Lune as well. Glad you like it over here too! And of course we had meatballs. In fact, we got there in the morning, went straight to the cafeteria for breakfast (hot cinnamon roll? Yum!), did our shopping, locked it all up in a locker and headed BACK to the cafeteria for meatball strength to take us home. All part of the Ikea shopping experience!


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