Monday, October 29, 2012

lug von siga

After working for years with C’N’C Costume National, turkish designer Gül Ağış developed her own line Lug Von Siga and has recently been incorporating traditional turkish textile designs into her extremely modern tailored pieces.
For the 2013 Fall/Winter collection she teamed up with photographer Ayten Alpün-Yılmaz and stylist Hakan Öztürk to create a lookbook around the theme of arranged marriages.  The images are richly saturated and dreamlike, haunting and oddly surreal; I can't stop staring.

More gorgeous images from the 2013 F/W lookbook...
found via coolhunting


  1. Love the structured shape, fabric, and the campaign.. simple but mysterious. I feel like seeing a a combination of Prada & Balenciaga in his designs. Stunning! He is indeed very talented.


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