Thursday, November 29, 2012

french coats

I've talked quite a bit about The Kooples here, as well as Maje occasionally, but seem to have never mentioned Sandro until now.  They're all in the same category to me: extremely cool, expensive and wearable french boutique labels.  After seeing this post I realized that I needed to take a look in person, that they might just have the perfect coat.

I actually thought this might be the one.  Sadly, it is not the one for me.  Beautiful as it is, it's cut totally straight up and down, so on me it was too roomy on the shoulders and snug on the derriere.  For someone with less, ahem, variety in their shape, it might just be the perfect coat.  Alas, my curves vetoed it loud and clear.

A few other beautiful coats from Sandro plus a couple from Maje...


  1. You have curves? I don't believe it. The French labels are certainly having a moment but they're obviously doing something right as I love the style. I love these crombie styles - they can be very flattering - when cut right. It's such a shame it didn't fit ... the hunt goes on ....

    1. You are hilarious. Indeed, I do have curves. I want you to know that I just had to google "crombie". Why have I never heard that term before? Especially when it seems to be just what I'm looking for? Thanks for schooling me.

  2. Yes, french coats are amazing in every way. Simplicity is key here.



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