Friday, January 18, 2013

kinetic intelligence

Choreographer Wayne McGregor's organic and totally natural yet also constantly surprising quality of movement blows my mind.  Seriously, what beauty is this?

I saw his work in La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet and was entranced.   The documentary itself is a strange beast, there's no narration or structure, it's just one continuous voyeuristic peek at the behind the scenes of the Paris Opera Ballet.  I actually loved it, and would recommend it to any dance lovers out there, but it is sort of dense and oddly imagined.  That said, my absolute favorite parts are the bits where we see the dancers working on Wayne's choreography Genus.  And now that I've obsessively watched everything that his company Random Dance has put out into cyberspace, I'm in love with Infra as well.

The music by Max Richter and the stunning dancers from the Royal Ballet don't hurt either.  It all sort of makes my heart ache a little bit.

And in case you're intrigued and want to hear more about his creative process, I found this fascinating TED Talks video from last year:

I love that he talks about "kinetic intelligence" and "communicating ideas through the body".  Because really, that's what it is.  And Wayne McGregor is a damn good communicator.

PS - Some of you might already be familiar with his work and not even know it.  This famous Radiohead video was not, as some folks though, improvised wackiness, but rather the inspired work of Wayne himself.


  1. you're spot on - totally natural, but still constantly surprising. wish I could see it on stage.

  2. oh man. that first video gave me chills. if i could dance like that, i would never stop moving!

    thanks for stopping by my site. your blog is beautiful!

    1. I hear you, I can only imagine what it must be like to dance that way! What a gift. Thank you for stopping by as well!

  3. this is real art!
    let's follow each other?


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