Friday, March 22, 2013

james blake

I literally stopped in my tracks when I heard this song for the first time the other day.  I rushed home to figure out who and what it was, and have spent the past few days listening to everything James Blake has done.  While some of his older work is a bit too straight-up electronic for my taste, I find the stuff from the past few years totally fresh and unexpected: some odd blend of singer/songwriter, R&B, electronic and his own magical mind.  I honestly have never heard anything like it, and I find his boldness and honesty utterly moving and captivating.  The videos he's done with director Martin de Thurah are no less hypnotic.  I'm officially obsessed.

More James...

Measurements by James Blake on Grooveshark

Aside from the new single Retrograde, one of my favorites so far is Measurements. Blowing my mind with its beauty. Electronic soulful pop with its roots in Spirituals? Whatever it is, I'm hooked.

And, in case you're hooked too now and want some more eerie magic, here's a few more videos for you to check out.


  1. Yep, love his work too! The first song I heard from him was his version of Feist's "limit to your love" and I'm a sucker for dark melancholic romantic tunes so this song was on repeat for a loooong time... Since then, I've been hooked.

    1. Such a good cover too. Love the way he plays with silences, makes you hold your breath just waiting for the next line. I actually just bought tickets to see him perform in May, I'm so excited!


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