Monday, March 25, 2013

l'f unisex

Sturdy, comfortable, slightly ironic and extremely joyous oxfords for both him and her (read: me) in a rainbow of delectable colors.  No laces.  No tongues.  Vibram soles.  Truly unisex, italian-made shoes from designers Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari of  L'F Unisex.   I'm totally sold.

And how great do they look in action? Love how the tonguelessness (it's word. trust me.) gives an extra peek of sock or skin.  Just think of the possibilities!

And so many more color combinations...

Leather, suede, studs, no studs, endless color combinations for both the bold and the conservative in all of us... and this is just a sampling of what's available on their website.  Which ones would you go for?  And how would you wear them?


  1. killing me. there are about a dozen that i'm drooling over.

  2. oh these look so comfy! hello and lovely blog! xoxo chelsea at

  3. nice, very very nice! I have never seen shoes like these before


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