Friday, April 26, 2013


Before leaving Spain I picked up a pair of espadrilles at my neighborhood alpargatería.  That's where they make espadrilles and other woven items like baskets for your donkey or fishing nets.  In downtown Madrid.  I love that this is still going on in the heart of the city.  And I love that folks will line up for hours (literally) when spring hits, waiting their turn to get their shoes for the summer.  And most of all, I love these alpargatas.


How many perfect and harmonious shades of neutral can you get in one pair of shoes?  Quite a few, apparently.  And does anything scream "Summer is here!" louder than a new pair of espadrilles?

After a bit of searching online, I honestly haven't found anything that compares to these handmade gems.  I may just have to start exporting them myself...


  1. amazing! i watched a show about how they are made and it's really a beautiful process. i gave a pair i had to my mother because they were brown and u wore them once and thought what was i thinking. i still want a pair but in a prettier colour :)

  2. Well if you do, I will be the first in line to take a pair from you. They look lovely and your photographs are amazing. You do the espadrilles real justice - you should let them have a copy of the pics so they can see how much you appreciate them. I remember trying on a pair of Castaners a few years back and they were almost there ... just almost. It wasn't the espadrilles - I just have wide feet and there is nothing worse than squished out bits at the sides (not good). Do the laces bother you? That was one thing that I thought I wouldn't get on with. Nowadays, I'm in and out of the house like no ones business and it would drive me mad to be lacing them up just so each time.

  3. Espadrilles are a summer classic! Beautiful :)


  4. I live in espadrilles! I regret not making time to pick up a handmade pair when I was in Madrid. Thanks for the gorgeous pics! I agree with Sue, your pictures do make them shine!

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