Thursday, May 2, 2013


Playa del Carmen

If it seems like I've been missing lately, it's cause I have.  I've been deep in preparations for our upcoming trip (tomorrow!) to Mexico.  Thought the least I could do was pop in for a minute and make all y'all jealous with some photos of the places we're headed.

Places like these...


Cozumel (for snorkeling!)

Chichen Itza (we'll hit Ek Balam too)

Isla Mujeres

You'll understand if I don't show my cyberface around these parts for a little while.  We're not even taking a computer with us, which is pretty major both for me and for Husband.  Looking forward to a major disconnect, and some major relaxation and exploration.  See you on the flip side!

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  1. If you aimed for jealous darling, you've succeeded. You can of course, pack me in your bag ;) Tis an option!


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