Friday, May 31, 2013

cool tones

It is almost June.  Usually we'd all be moaning about the heat by now, but last night Husband and I actually had to wear our winter coats out on our date.  I'm not complaining though, I'm sure there's plenty of heat headed our way, soon.  Plus, I love that I get to wear all those spring layers that have such a small window of usefulness.  Meanwhile I've been pinning more subdued as well, cool, muted colors and comforting textures.  I know some of you are following me on pinterest, but I do like to curate a small selection here every so often as well.  And if you're not following me yet, get on it! Love to see you over there...


  1. The heat's arrived here! I'm sure it will be with you soon. Though I do confess to sitting here in the evenings with a blanket in the evenings. The days are warm and the night's are cold.

    1. It's creeping in here too, but slowly. Like I said no complaints here, I do love snuggling under my comforter at night, and throwing on a few layers throughout my day. I bet I only have another week or so before all winter clothes need to be stored for the next three months at least.

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  3. Ooooooo such lovely inspiration!


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