Monday, September 2, 2013

ikea haul

We had a big Ikea day this weekend.  But then again, every Ikea day is a big Ikea day.  Why is it impossible to do in less than 4 hours?  Even if you don't look at any furniture?  Even if you skip the meatballs?  Mind boggling.  It took the major part of our saturday, and left us comatose for what was left of it.  But the time and energy spent is less than or equal to the money saved, and I think we did pretty well for ourselves, restocking some basics that we needed, plus a few little luxuries to make me smile.

The details and the rest of our loot...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

 Just try and tell me you don't try and pronounce everything at Ikea like the Swedish chef.  You know you do.  It's half the fun!  So go ahead, say them out loud as you read.  You know you want to.

1. Sörli - these little tiled mirrors stick right on the walls, and we needed an extension for the ones we already had since we hung them a little low the first time and couldn't see the tops of our heads.
2. Strömby - we needed a few more frames for some sweet little folksy posters we picked up in Madison this summer.  Trying not to let an entire year go by before the get them up on the wall.
3. Norrlida - an odd-sized odd-looking frame that we thought would be good for a couple of oddballs like ourselves.
4. Ikea 365+ 5L pot - we had one and it lasted ages, until Husband burned some beans.  It may not sound that dramatic, but he burned them real good.  Needless to say, we needed a new big pot, and for the price, this one can't be beat.
5. Aptitlig - bamboo cutting board.  So pretty.  We've always used plastic but we just got fed up with the peeling and cracking and falling apart, and started wondering how much plastic we were ingesting as a result of it all.  I suppose we'll have to wash it by hand, but it makes me feel like a grownup to have a decent wood cutting board.  About time.
6. Skänka - Ikea's midrange nonstick pans don't last all that long, but then what non-stick pans do? (If you know the secret, tell me!) We desperately needed a new one, though in hindsight we probably should have picked up a few more as well.
7. Sanela - our cushions have started looking a little worse for the wear (we won't even mention the chocolate stains), and this beautiful eggplant velvet cover is just the thing to revive our couch.
8. Gäspa - nothing like new white sheets and pillowcases to feel like your life just got a little more luxurious.  These are the higher end sheets from Ikea, and they feel super silky soft.
9. Ikea 365+ bowl - for soup, oatmeal, chili, ice cream sundaes... Do I even need to justify new bowls?  Who can resist a cute bowl?
10. Färgrik - call it a small deep plate, or a wide and shallow bowl, but it is a shape we were missing and one I've been wanting for quite some time.  My mom has these great pasta bowls, and these remind me of those a bit, at least in form and function, if not in beauty.  So excited to eat salads and pastas out of them.
11. Fröer - seeds for basil, thyme and cilantro in little paper cups to grow yourself!  It may not work, and I kill pretty much every plant I bring into the house so I don't know why I thought these would be any different, but I got so excited I had to try.

Do you Ikea for small things?  How often do you make the trek?  And do you end up spending ages there on each trip?


  1. Oh, Ikea. Yes, it is impossible to get through quickly, and impossible to not spend a fair bit. I was just looking through our spending for the year thus far and every Ikea trip marks a little spike in spending! But, it's true that it is cheaper than elsewhere and I cannot imagine how big those spikes would be if we shopped at different home stores.

    We do buy small stuff, there, and I have those same bowls. I think non-stick pans do just need constant replacement. You aren't supposed to eat from them once they are scratched, though we currently are - I just don't feel like going to Ikea!

    I love my bamboo cutting board (not from Ikea, amazingly).

    1. We just threw away a bunch of our scratched nonstick pans as well. So easy to put off buying new ones and keep using them, but it really is supposed to be super bad for you so we had to finally bite the bullet. I'm loving my new bowls, and the cutting board is amazing, I don't know how I didn't get a bamboo one earlier! And yes, we did spend a decent chunk of change. but we actually kept it to about what I'd anticipated, partly due to pre-checkout reevaluation and putting a few things back ;)

  2. I'm overdue a visit. I need a couple of new mats and I like the look of the bowls (both). Gorgeous colour on the soup bowls.

    And I want to go on my own and eat my meatballs in peace. And not spend 30 mins in the kids section whilst George tests out all the toys going. And I need a replacement orchid. And I need some new storage bits and pieces and I need ... loads of stuff really. No, you really can't not spend in that place.

    I was intrigued by no.11 as the colour caught my eyes but I too am pretty rubbish at growing things. I have three terraces which are for growing vegetables outside and have we grown anything this year. Oh yes ... some onions. How rubbish are we. The Grumps said he will do better next year before I plant shrubs in them if he doesn't pull his finger out.

    1. So happy with my bowl, I highly recommend them. Especially the white ones, what a great shape! I totally hear you about wanting to go on your own, I have that same urge sometimes. But then how would I carry it all home on my back? Once I went early and pre-shopped and then Husband came and met up with me after my meatballs, and honestly, that was pretty awesome. but usually we just go together and experience all the glory of decision fatigue as a couple. Must be even crazier with kids in tow!

      At least your onions are surviving! I swear, I've never been able to keep a plant alive for more than 3 weeks. Even cacti. I really do try, I sprtiz them and water like I'm told and even talk to them (like a crazy lady, yes) but it's just no use. Still, I couldn't resist those little seeds though. I'll let you know if they make it past seed-dom.

  3. Hahaha! I always go there with the goal of being able to return on the same bus ticket, which leaves me something like 1 hour. It never ever works. I think we needed something like two little teeny tiny shelves last time - we even knew exactly which shelves we needed - but it still took us two hours.

    We need to go back there soon to spruce up our TV area, and although I quite like Ikea I hate the fact that I always spend twice as much money there as I meant to. We try to go there on Friday afternoons, as it is usually quite abandoned at that time :)

    1. In and out in an hour?! That would be such a madcap sprint around those twisty walkways! I can't even imagine. I thought we could do it in three but even that was off. We spent some money, but honestly, we stayed under our limit. We only managed that thought because we stopped before checkout and mentally added it all up and ended up putting a few things back. And because we decided against that super cute super tempting dutch oven. Still thinking about it though... Never would have thought that friday afternoon would be calm, but I guess it makes sense. Saturday definitely not so calm. Just saying.

  4. oh, you are killing me! i think that everyone here in the country of serbia is praying for the ikea together with the peace in the world and more money and health and happiness. and they are evil they are announcing the opening every year and we still didn't get it. oh, how i love thee life in eastern europe!

    1. Sorry to taunt you like that! I honestly don't know how we would have furnished our place without it. Here's to hoping you get one near you soon!

  5. Bei Ikea kaufe ich auch unglaublich gerne ein. Die Sachen dort sind immer ganz toll.

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