Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A long morning

I was up at 7 am today, and by 8:30 I was sitting in a paper thong on paper covered table wearing a pair of industrial sunglasses. Why? Laser hair removal. And yeah, it hurts. But I think it's worth it, I really do. Today was my 6th session and there's some areas where it's really really made a huge difference. Other areas go slower, but lucky for me, those are the areas where I paid for unlimited sessions, so I can go on lasering forever.

So anyway, I had all my excess body hair incinerated, then picked up my dry cleaning on my way home, and then made myself a scrumptious omelette for breakfast (turkey breast, mozzarella and avocado), headed off to the studio, took class, bonded a bit with my teacher (she let me know I'm a substitute friend while another friend of ours is out of town. Little harsh to just say that, right? But in my quest to feel good about all things spanish, I try not to take offense at anything; they just tend to be very direct and blunt here in general. Is there even a spanish word for 'tact'? And in any case, she seems like one of the few normal down-to-earth nice people in this little world I move in, so I'm happy to spend whatever time with her she's got), and then I had coffee with a lady from New York who's here taking classes for a month, but who it turns out is a teacher at FIT in NY. All in all, it's been a very productive morning. I'm guessing the afternoon won't be nearly as productive, but I feel like if I manage to fold my laundry and buy my plane ticket home, I'm golden.

On a not so positive note, my cutie little footie sockie thingies that I so thoughtfully purchased yesterday are way too big and thus extremely annoying cause they keep slipping off my damn heel and sitting clumped up under my foot. So I changed footwear halfway through the morning, and this is what I came up with:

My new Madden Girl gladiators purchased at DSW in San Francisco for all of $20. And yes, I pegged my jeans again. I can't help it. I love it. And I think we did it differently when I was 11. If I remember correctly we would tuck the pegged jean into the socks. Double socks at that, like say, a lime green pair sticking out of the top of a heather grey pair. Somehow I feel like this is totally different. Am I just deluding myself? Ignorance is bliss...


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