Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My weakness

These will be my downfall.

I admit it, I am the user of ridiculous and warped logic. I bought them because they're "healthy", I mean, just look at all that fiber! You can see it all over the box! I was (am) sort of doing South Beach and I thought, perfect! The more fiber the better! But somehow I don't think inhaling half a box of cookies a day is part of the South Beach Diet, no matter how high the fiber content. But damn them, they are so good. They really do make me feel like this:

I think I have to leave the country so I will stop eating them. I really do have a lot of self control in general, but these fricking digestives are like heroin. Not that I've done heroin.

I would like to point out that these cookies come with a warning printed on the box, much like cigarettes, which I think speaks to the danger within.

"The word digestive does not mean that the cookies have digestive characteristics"

I think that warning is meant for people like me who convince themselves that Dr Agatston would approve of 10 cookies for breakfast, as in, it's sort of like oatmeal, right? If only I'd read the fine print before I got hooked...


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