Thursday, January 7, 2010

not a bad day

Sweet husband left this morning. Or last night, depending on how you think of these things. But I went back to bed and woke up again and felt sorta sad. How to fix? Shop! Oh, I sound so superficial. But come om, I'm just keeping it real. I got dressed, got out of the house, walked around, got some fresh (15 degree) air, listened to music and planned future video projects, and yes, also, I shopped. But I spent a mere $20, on what I think is an amazing find.

I got a large, mostly because it was the only one left on the sale rack, but I love the way it flops and sits and hangs and drapes. This is silk people. Like a t-shirt, but so much better. The blue is much richer in real life. I'm very pleased with myself. And then when I got home, my husband called! See? Perfect. And then I got the news that my mama's headed home in just 2 days, which means I get to see her before I head back to Espain. And then the dogs stopped barking. Seriously, pretty good day.


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