Thursday, January 7, 2010

aforementioned lil' purchases

I mentioned yesterday that I got color depositing conditioner from Aveda. Let me just say, I LOVE it. I'd dyed my hair last week strawberry blonde, and it just turned out a more toned down version of what I had. More strawberry, maybe, but way less blonde, and as far as I was concerned, way less fun. Husband said I looked more polished, but I felt I looked more normal. Wanted to run out and redye it, but I thought that might be asking a bit much for myhair to survive. So I looked into the color depositing shampoos and ended up with the Aveda one. And it works! I've only used it once so far, but I can already see a lot more red in my hair. Here's a few lame-ish photobooth pics from this morning:

Also happy that my chicken pox marks are fading. Granted, I've got makeup on here, but a few weeks back all the concealer in the world couldn't cover them!

Speaking of concealer, I also mentioned a few Sephora purchases I made this weekend. One of which was a Nars duo concealer, which usually runs $30, but for some reason, my color (and my color only) was on sale for $10!

And I also picked up these guys:

I have a theory about mascara, which I'm pretty sure most folks would say is completely wrong, but I'm going with it, and it's that the most important factor that determines a mascara's greatness is... newness. So I'm all about the small sizes, cause otherwise I feel like no matter how good the mascara a few months later it dries up and gets stupid-looking. And yes, that's a technical term. Usually that means I just get samples or cheapies from Walgreens, but a cheapie is about $7-$10, and these little guys are $10 for 2! Dream come true. That is, if you dream about mascara.


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