Wednesday, January 6, 2010

they have been returned

The aforementioned Ralph Lauren boots I mean. Done, gone back. I actually had to dig through the recycling to find the receipt, on my hands and knees in the kitchen. But I did, which I think means I really really wanted to return them. Also returned today were these beauties:

Loved them with all my heart but all the love in the world wasn't gonna get my athletic calves to fit in the shaft. Contemplated welly surgery, but I don't even know if it' possible. So back they went.

Oh, the money I've saved, right? Well... I did buy a cute coat at Forever 21, and I picked up a few things at Sephora, and I went and got some color-depositing shampoo from Aveda, and then I got my eyebrows threaded.... But no, kidding aside, I've got a solid chunk o'change in my pocket that previously wasn't there.

Now I just have to go back to Forever 21 and buy this:

And this:

And a cute turquoise silk top that I can't even find on their website. (Why is there so much stuff there that's not on the website? What's the logic behind that?)


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