Saturday, June 26, 2010

you must be joking

Usually when I go to the states I stock up on beauty products like the apocolypse is coming (cause we all need to be looking our best when the world ends? Early morning metaphors not my strong point), but this last time I thought to myself, this mentality is contributing to my feeling of claustrophobia in Espain. Rather than relieve my anxiety about running out of say, facial cleanser or hair dye, I think it actually creates anxiety of the holy-shit-i'm-stuck-here-forever type. Which is silly because in reality I am very happy here, very happy to be here, and aside from the fact that right now I actually AM stuck here, I don't feel that way at all. My point is, I didn't stock up last time I was home. And now, six months later, I need new mascara (ok, so I'd stocked up some, but apparently not enough).

So off to the English Cut I go, pre-mentalized already that I'm going to have to pay a little big extra for some drugstore mascara. But you know, it'll just be a few bucks, so chill out internal miser! This is one mascara that I always love, no clumps, not especially dramatic, but very natural and consistent (ahem, very, uh, full and soft...)

I just spotted it on amazon for $5.94, but let me tell you, this baby costs 20 euros here. TWENTY EUROS people! That's over $24. Which is almost five times the US cost.

Needless to say, internal miser was justifiably outraged, and I am still without mascara.


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