Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the perfect summer sneaker

yes, I think I found it. It's light, it slips on, it breathes, it's water resistant, it's comfortable, and you can wear it without socks. Yes, it sounds perfect! It's the Chuck It. (I'm not kidding, that's the actual name Converse gave them. No comment.)

Maybe you can't tell from this picture but they're actually mesh, all self-ventilating and see-through and everything. The best part is that the white makes my whitest of white skin look slightly less transparent. And for chuckies, they're actually really comfortable. And they could be yours for only $40 at zappos! But could they be mine? No, I don't think I can make that happen. Yes, we have them here, and yes, I tried them on and yes, they were wonderful and all of that. But they cost 70 Euros. SEVENTY EUROS people! That's just over $88.11. So no, there's no way I can justify buying them. I mean,.... right? Even though they're perfect.... right? crap.


  1. this is the one I'm droling over:

  2. Ooooh, those are beautifful! I'll take those too, but in the beige. I've actually been on the lookout for a nice summery oxford in a light color. These look perfect! Still want the sneakers though...


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