Wednesday, July 7, 2010

clown fashion karma

I'm sorry to say, these are so ugly I can't even begin to try and pretend that they are mildly ok.

I like me some trend as much as the next girl, even more so now living here where trends are embraced with reckless abandon and zero judgment, but this? This is ridiculous.

About 11 years ago one of my bestest friends started a relationship with a man we'd both known for a long time. He was sweet and caring and funny and supportive, and he was a hideous dresser. Of the sort of psuedo-hippie new age ethnicky ilk. We spent many many hours laughing over what we dubbed his Guatemalan Clown Pants (please, no offense intended towards any guatemalans or their pants), and when I look at these on WWW all I can think is, really? We're all supposed to wear Guatemalan Clown Pants? Is this karma for having laughed at the man?

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  1. that's hilarious, even for pseudo hippy ethnicky people.


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