Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another splurge

Here's a purchase to make my mama proud. A beautiful pair of well-tailored pants that fit and drape like a dream. I've been chasing down a new silhouette for a while now, and I've always avoided tapered because it's not like I want any help making my thighs look bigger, but I'm so tired of my bootcut jeans I was willing to try anything. And I figured too, my first foray into the realm of tapered trouser should be of high quality.

Isabelle Marant. Stunning. Yeah, ok, you can't tell from the crappy picture of them splayed out on my bed, but trust me, they are. I think they may be the exact same cut as these pants, just in a different print (thank god):

They feel so luxurious on, and I think they would even if I didn't know how much I'd paid for them. And look at the details.

Yes, I will post some pics of me wearing them at some point, I just haven't figured out the best way to take those shots in our new apartment.


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