Saturday, November 20, 2010

making the effort

Oh blog o' mine, I have so neglected you, and for this, I apologize. Not for want of things to post. But I've just been so dag nab busy lately. And when I'm not busy, I'm passed out exhausted on the couch. And it's not like I have any more time now, to be honest, the next month is insane-o for me. But I am so tired of seeing these open tabs in my browser that I'm just going to start throwing stuff up here. Gone is my need to be clever and witty. I just need to get these things up so I can close the damn windows.

First up, a new take on the circle scarf. It's like the circle scarf meets the blanket sweater, and as it gets colder and colder and winterier and winterier, nothing could be better.

Cute, right? 'Nuff said. Find it here.


  1. Proportion looks super, and so inexpensive. Get it now!

    You might like this one too:

    and this one:

  2. nice! I think the poncho would get little use, somehow seems like it might be redundant in my closet, but that hybrid parka-hoodie, that is stunning. I can see being extremely addicted to that. Too bad (or thank god) it's $400.


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